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Revolucy is the only microstock site which adds keywords and captions to contributors images for free. Click To Tweet

Let’s face it, keywording is a time consuming task, I’m sure we’d all rather spend the time producing more images. However, if we don’t keyword our images thoroughly, then our images will have fewer chances of being found on any of the microstock sites searches.

Revolucy is offering to do this task for you by adding keywords, titles and descriptions to the IPTC metdadata of your images for free. You will then be able to send your images to any microstock site and the Title, Description and Keyword fields in the submission areas will automatically be populated, this will really speed up the submission process as it’s a lot faster than writing (or copy/pasting) the keywords, titles and descriptions for every image.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for images to be keyworded?

  1. Well first you need to be a Revolucy contributor, you can sign up to the site here.
  2. The images also need to be approved to go online at Revolucy before they are keyworded.
  3. There is a limit of 10 images per contributor, per month. If you need more images keyworded then Revolucy also has very reasonably priced paid packages, starting from $5. Microstock Posts readers can get a 15% discount with the code MICROSTOCKPOSTS

It’s good to see a positive and practical initiative for contributors coming from a microstock site. As far as I know Revolucy is the only microstock site which adds keywords and captions to contributors images for free, which I think makes it a unique initiative. And who knows, maybe this will encourage other sites to do the same.

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