When you Find your Stock Photos Online Where you don’t Want them

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It’s exciting when you see your images published and even more so when you’re the model in them. Sometimes though things happen which you never expected.

Photographer NixyJungle posted his discovery in microstockgroup forum, of a stock image of him being used in a way he doesn’t approve. Here are some quotes from the thread and the image and context in question.

Didn’t know that somebody will use this picture for an ad. Hopefully that ad is not a scam.

I don’t want my picture to be used in that way. I sold that picture 4 times and every time got 0.33$ for it on Shutterstock (long before they cut sales to 0.10$).

I have another photo I probably shouldn’t sell, but I have few sales already. Can’t even imagine in what context it will be used… I was just playing with goose, not really holding her neck, just pretending to.

Btw. my grandmother became a meme TWICE. People just used her picture for funny memes instead what it was meant to be used for. I never told her about that. Don’t even know how I would explain her 🙂


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4 thoughts on “When you Find your Stock Photos Online Where you don’t Want them

  1. You can’t pick and choose where and how your stock images are used. Doing a Google Images search, I found a self-portrait on a porn site once haha! (I’m only laughing because it was me from the back and you couldn’t see my face). It’s risky to use friends and loved ones for the reason stated above. Nobody wants their grandma to be a meme!

    When I’ve used friends, I’ve told them that I have no control over how their image will be used. Even though the terms of use have limitations, it sure looks to me like nobody reads them.


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