Psst…Dreamstime’s Secret is Out

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Exciting news everyone! I’m not supposed to say but it seems that this secret just can not be contained, especially as the news was emailed by Dreamstime to so many contributors. “This email is sent to you under a private beta campaign, please keep it confidential.” Don’t worry DT, I know you have my best interests at heart and I won’t tell anyone, unless it comes out on msg.

“Dreamstime has agreed to undertake a small scale beta test program that permits the use of images in online advertising…The purpose of this email is to tell you that based on the quality of your images, you are among only a few contributors that have been selected to participate in this test program.

Given the quality of your submissions, and because you have opted to participate in Dreamstime’s Alliances program, your following files have been chosen to appear in this limited pilot program for test and evaluation purposes:

Although there will be no compensation provided to Dreamstime or the chosen contributors for the initial testing period, if the beta test goes well, this new partnership should result in additional exposure and revenue to you and to Dreamstime.”

Now I had a thought, if Dreamstime asked for compensation from the new partnership for the images they have chosen from its contributors, then Dreamstime and its contributors would be able to get additional revenue now right now. It is not such a novel idea to ask someone to pay for what they use. Come on Dreamstime, please don’t be shy, it is ok to ask companies to pay for using our images. Companies have been paying for stock images for years and they really don’t mind. It’s the same like when I bought my camera, the camera shop was not shy about asking me for money. They didn’t say ‘well why don’t you try it for a few weeks and if you like it then you can buy it’. I also didn’t mind paying for it, I already knew how useful the camera would be, well I did before stock sites wanted to give my images away for free.

Anyway, if you are one of the lucky contributors who have been chosen by Dreamstime to help their new partner decide if your stock images would be useful in online advertising and you don’t want to give your images away for free, then you will need to login to your Dreamstime account, click on Alliances in the Contributors Area and choose to opt out of third party partnerships.

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