Google Wants Court to Dismiss Dreamstime’s Lawsuit Against Them

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Google has urged a US federal court to throw out the remaining claims filed by Dreamstime, in a lawsuit accusing Google of suppressing Dreamstime in search results.

The lawsuit which goes back to March 2018, has found no proof to back up Dreamstime’s claim that Google began to skew Dreamstime’s search results after Google struck a deal with Getty Images and Shutterstock.

Claims by Dreamstime accusing Google of breach of contract and unfair competition laws claims still remain. You can read details of the contracts Dreamstime had with Google and how Dreamstime felt Google breached them in this blog post.

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1 thought on “Google Wants Court to Dismiss Dreamstime’s Lawsuit Against Them”

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    Well I don’t know if they’ll be able to find proof, but I do know that Google is pretty much an evil entity. I recall in about 2003 I predicted that one day, Google will have the Bomb. Way too much power in their hands.


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