7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Stock Image Reviewer

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They live somewhere where it always snows, they hardly get out and you may never actually see one, but if you do, and more so if you are actually considering seeing one on a regular basis, consider this before getting romantically involved.

  1. At social events they will say they work for a famous stock agency, when asked what their role is they will say that they play an integral part in the management of famous photographers.
  2. You are likely to feel like flavour of the month. Initially they may seem besotted by you and agree with everything you say, after some time though their eyes will be fixated on someone else and you will seem out of focus.
  3. They will seldom reply to your emails or text messages and you won’t see them at all on social networks. They regard time spent looking at a screen and not getting paid as time better not spent. You can take some comfort though knowing that it is not just your emails they won’t bother to look at, they routinely select “All” messages in their inbox and just mark the entire batch as “Read”. As for social networks, their last facebook status update was in 2010, “I just got a job at ‘famous agency’ managing famous photographers”.
  4. They don’t have many friends and the friends they do have are all less good looking and more socially inept. This is because they reject anyone who they regard as a competitor.
  5. They are obsessed by their own power and authority. One of the major reasons they love working unsupervised is so that no one can hear them shouting “who’s your Daddy!” when they click on the reject button.
  6. The final decision is always theirs and there is no changing their mind. You may find yourself in situations like the following. “Honey, I just spent a fortune on my hair, what do you think?” After a half second glance he replies “nah”. If you ask him what’s wrong with it, he will reel off a list of reasons to help ensure that there is no rebuttal.
  7. Their job security may not be good as they are gradually being replaced by machines.

Having said all that, I suspect that there are a fair few stock image contributors who would love the job. A few years ago I discovered a job ad. for microstock reviewers, I posted the ad. here and it received a surprising amount of views.

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