Dreamstime raise contributors commission to 100%

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I want more of the cake!
I want more of the cake!

Those of you who are Dreamstime contributors will now receive 100% commission on all sales. Exclusive Dreamstime contributors will get a whopping 110%, in celebration of the 10 millionth image online. Yay, Christmas has come early. Oh, I’ve just been informed by my imaginary white bearded friend, that it’s only for today and the commissions will go back to 30% and 60% respectively, after this momentous day is over.

Still, this is just astounding, I am fighting back the tears as I write this. Since the dawn of microstock, no successful agency has ever considered such an act of generosity to one of the fundamental ingredients of any agency, its contributors. The all important buyers too, are not being left out in this 24 hours of craziness. Any image that is purchased today, will be discounted by 20%. I can really feel the love coming from this agency. Kindness like this from a microstock site, well it just makes me feel all good inside!

I’m not unknown for being generous myself. Usually I’m able to muster up some generosity, maybe once a year. For the rest of the year however, I’m a mean son of a gun. Don’t even look at my chocolate cake!

Thank you Dreamstime. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to receive a decent commission and now I know. Tomorrow however, it’s back to dreaming.

Mmm this cake tastes good. Roll on 20 million!

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7 thoughts on “Dreamstime raise contributors commission to 100%

  1. Yes, that is truly one of the first times I’ve ever heard of true generosity from an agency. Now the question is to see if I’m going to sell any!!

  2. Bad stock, stop to work with it after 3 years of contribution, reasons:

    1.did not sell if you are non exclusive
    2.reject (for non exclusive authors) up to 80%.
    3.periodically you may see mail like this:

    Due to reasons which are beyond our control, we are sorry to let you know that $0.35 have been removed from your earnings as result of a refund for file IDs xxxxxxxxxx.

    Possible refund reasons:
    – Accidental download;
    – Admin download test;
    – Credit card fraud with mandatory refund issued at request to real card holder;
    – Duplicate download;
    – Incorrect size/format/license purchased;
    – License update;
    – Performance issues (misspellings in texts, quality);

    And your money decreased. You check the image, and see that last time it was sold before 4-5 month.
    Never happen on other’s stock.

    So, all this 100% sell will be on author expense…
    Very, very bad stock.

    1. I’ve had a few dollars deducted because of refunds. And yes no other agency does this as far as I know. The very least they could do is specify why the money was refunded, instead of saying well it could be one of the following reasons. Still, only Shutterstock makes more money for me than Dreamstime, so I’m sticking with them, unless they decide to do an iStock. 🙂

      1. Well this is only one stock which allow himself to take money from contributor after 4-5 MONTH(!) last sale of image.
        Of course , it’s only your decision, to work or not with him.
        I did not like exclusivity. When i start to work in stocks, istock already have exclusive program. dreams do after. and immediately sales go down for me as a non-exclusive. last war with similar’s also only for non-exclusive contributors.

  3. I have to agree it was a great gesture and very welcome. Dreamstime clearly value their contributors and showed this by their 100% commission day. Sadly, I missed out. I generally have sales there most days but nothing for the last week and, crucially, nothing on the big day. Still, congratulations to those contributors who did benefit! Regards, David.

  4. Just starting with microstock and struggling to get any sale. Need to upload more images but seems to be really hard to get images sold. Is exclusivity the way to go? I don´t think I will do that in the near future, since I am still trying different options, but good to know what the experience from others is…

    1. It’s not wise to go exclusive anywhere these days. The agencies change the rules and lower commissions when they want, often leaving contributors feeling betrayed. If you are non exclusive, you at least have the option of leaving the agencies which aren’t playing nice. Microstock is a struggle, in the early days which I also missed out on, contributors could easily build large portfolios in a short space of time as images were accepted easily. These days agencies demand high quality images, so many if not most who try give up. However, it is still possible to succeed, it just depends on how much you want to persevere. I had a look at your blog, your ports are still small, you need at least 50 images in the top agencies to start seeing some regular sales and even then it won’t be too regular. Try to get to 100 and then see how you feel, also look at the agencies top selling images to get an idea of what sells well.

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