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I moved house recently, which has consumed most of my time and my energy. Hence, the lack of blogging recently. Somehow, I can still find the time to pimp my own photos though.

On Thursday, the WTA tour came to Bali, with the impressively named “Tournament of Champions”, well that’s what it says on the flyer. Initially, I pondered whether I should attend or not. Over the summer I upgraded my camera, but still have no lenses other than the standard 18-55mm lens, which is surprisingly good for a kit lens. However, not the lens generally needed for an event like this. The camera has a 12 megapixel sensor though, double of my previous camera and therefore I now have the liberty of being able to crop. So I decided to go, I love tennis and would enjoy it even if I was unable to get any decent shots.

I went on the opening day. The event was free seating and I imagined an Air Asia scramble to get a good seat, so I arrived an hour early and sat in the front row, close to the baseline. I even brought a towel to throw on the seat, for when I had to leave the arena, it worked a treat. It turned out that my camera and lens were enough to get some decent shots. I’m still editing and uploading the images, but below are some of the images which are already online. The players playing on the day were Ana Ivanovic, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Kimiko Date Krumm and Na Li. The final is on November 7.

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