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Why bother?

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Sometimes rejected photos are not entirely rejected. Some agencies offer the opportunity to re-submit photos if you are able to modify the image accordingly.

I don’t often use Photoshop for anything other than basic editing, but I do spend a fair bit of time trying to make my photos appear more presentable/marketable. So when one agency rejects a photo that I have already spent time on editing, do I bother to edit the image again according to how they want it? I often don’t bother. For the photo below though, I did and it was accepted by Dreamstime the second time around. Since it was accepted it has been downloaded 6 times on DT, netting me $20.46.

Hot sunny beach

So I’m glad I bothered. Naturally I would be happier if the agency just accepted my image straight away. Heck, they should just accept all my images 😉 . The agencies however have high standards now and we are kept on our toes or left frustrated. Plus to be frank, in retrospect I probably do improve from these rejections and when I compare the images I sent originally to re-edited versions, often only then can I see what the reviewer saw.

Darn it! I hate admitting they’re right..

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  • David Fowler
    October 14, 2010 Reply

    Well deserved sales on that excellent image. I'm sure you'll get plenty more. I must admit that once I get an image rejected I tend to just write it off as far as that particular agency goes -especially when it has been accepted elsewhere. That said, you make a compelling case for having another look at the image. Love the cat image btw -is that one of yours? Regards, David.

    • Microstock Posts
      October 15, 2010 Reply

      Yeah maybe it's worth having another look at your rejected images. Having said that, I'm still pretty lazy to re-edit an image, especially if it's only for one agency and sometimes don't get around to if for months, if at all. The cat is not mine but is strikingly similar to my own cats.

  • Luis Santos
    October 14, 2010 Reply

    some I do agree but a lot of others DON´T! :)

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