The Shutterstock Captcha Challenge

Last year Dreamstime launched the Stock Rank game, which was an instant hit with Dreamstime users. Not to be outdone, Shutterstock launched the Shutterstock Captcha Challenge, which has taken Shutterstock contributors by storm. The object of the game is to try and log in. For most other sites this is not a game and just part of our daily internet lives. However, Shutterstock turned the logging in process in to a game, which I think is a great idea and once I manage to log in, I often just log out so I can play the game again.

So don’t miss out on the fun at Shutterstock, try the Shutterstock Captcha Challenge today, just log in to enter. Oh, er.. if you can. 🙂

Update: December 8, 2012

Crazy Capture

I’m now an expert at this game and got it first time. 🙂 ntychin Must relocate, $250,000 (212)

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