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I was scanning Google, looking for something to write about (Ok yes, I know I should get out more) and I came across this Job Ad, advertising  positions for Microstock Image Reviewers.

In the ad. they say, “This is no ordinary job.”

Oh my God, I think I’d better sit down.

“..during the day you’ll find people playing pool and playing guitars, but they (and you!) will work super hard and produce amazing results every time.” As well as becoming great pool and guitar players.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing microstock for a photography marketplace.

Oh! that’s it? Why did they use the words “responsibilities include” and then just list one responsibility? Maybe there were other things on the list which they later scratched out, like putting away the balls and cues after the pool games and ensuring that you replace the guitar strings if you break them.

Skills and Experience required:

  • You have some photography experience – as a hobby or work – or both even better

My Mum likes taking photos so I think she’s qualified.

  • You are likely to be a photography student.

Ah, obviously looking for some in form pool players.

  • You know what moiré patterns & chromatic aberrations are.

Why are they telling us what the interview questions are going to be?

  • You know what microstock is.

…or you will look pretty stupid in the interview.

  • You are passionate about photos and can tell a good one from an average one.

That’s me!! Ok, so I only have 30-40% acceptance rates with the top agencies, but that’s because their reviewers don’t know how to tell a good photo from an average one 😉 . My guess is that they are damn fine pool players though.

The positions are available in Melbourne, Australia. If only this job was available when I was on a working holiday in Australia, I’m sure they would have taken me, as photography is my favourite hobby, oh and I was once a photography student, oh and I once got thrown (literally carried by several people and thrown) out of a pub in Liverpool because I kept winning at pool.

Anyway, if you wish to apply here is the link (Update: I’ve replaced the link with a jpg image of the ad, as the ad has been removed, less than 24 hours after it was put on).

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6 thoughts on “Become a microstock image reviewer

  1. Thanks for letting me know guys. That is strange, they only put the ad on yesterday and was still online shortly before I posted. I’ve replaced the link with a jpg image of the ad. Was it something I said..

    1. I think it should be a prerequisite to have worked in the stock industry or at least some field of photography (including microstock submitters) before applying for a job like this. My guess is that there are many microstock photographers who have more knowledge and experience, than many of the reviewers who review their work.

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