Dreamstime raise contributors commission to 100%

I want more of the cake!

I want more of the cake!

Those of you who are Dreamstime contributors will now receive 100% commission on all sales. Exclusive Dreamstime contributors will get a whopping 110%, in celebration of the 10 millionth image online. Yay, Christmas has come early. Oh, I’ve just been informed by my imaginary white bearded friend, that it’s only for today and the commissions will go back to 30% and 60% respectively, after this momentous day is over.

Still, this is just astounding, I am fighting back the tears as I write this. Since the dawn of microstock, no successful agency has ever considered such an act of generosity to one of the fundamental ingredients of any agency, its contributors. The all important buyers too, are not being left out in this 24 hours of craziness. Any image that is purchased today, will be discounted by 20%. I can really feel the love coming from this agency. Kindness like this from a microstock site, well it just makes me feel all good inside!

I’m not unknown for being generous myself. Usually I’m able to muster up some generosity, maybe once a year. For the rest of the year however, I’m a mean son of a gun. Don’t even look at my chocolate cake!

Thank you Dreamstime. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to receive a decent commission and now I know. Tomorrow however, it’s back to dreaming.

Mmm this cake tastes good. Roll on 20 million!

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