Pirelli Calendar Goes a Different Way

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This is a behind the scenes video of photographer Steve McCurry shooting for the 2013 Pirelli calendar. This video is safe to watch in the workplace, unless of course the boss can see that you’re not working. 🙂

You can see stunning images from this calender shoot but not exactly what Pirelli calendars are known for, as unusually there is no nudity in sight.

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The excerpt below from fstoppers, explains further.

‘The Pirelli calendar is famous each year for it’s limited availability, only handed out to important Pirelli customers and celebrity VIP’s. Generally the calendar is full of artistic nude photographs and has become a mark of distinction for the models featured in it as well as the photographers commissioned to do the shoots. This year however, photographer Steve McCurry (of the famed Afghan Girl photograph) proposed to go a different direction with the calendar.

In the two weeks it took to shoot the Calendar on the streets and in the favelas of Rio, McCurry made one of his fascinating journeys of discovery, capturing stories, experiences and traits of people and faraway lands. The 2013 Pirelli Calendar tells its tales through faces drawn in graffiti and ordinary people, as well as through this year’s models whose common thread is a powerful commitment to foundations, humanitarian projects and non-governmental organizations.’

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