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ai blonde woman head image

Recently icons8 announced the following on producthunt.

Below are a couple of comments in the post and the responses by Icons8.

Fantastic Idea! No models – no paying for models
– Yeah, exactly! 🙂 In addition, no fees for the photo team too – Konstantin Zhabinskiy, Chief Design Officer @ Icons8

In your face, expensive stock photography! Cheers love the idea.
– haha, that’s what our first target. The industry that robs photographers and washes away 70% to compete on a saturated market. – Ivan Founder of Icons8

They seem to have real problems with the eyes. Humans are genetically-programmed to be attracted to symmetry and they need to get that right before launching full-fledged things like actors – quote on petapixel

Below are some more examples of these faces, clearly they haven’t perfected this yet, but I’m sure they’ll improve the technology over time. So is this the future of stock?

These images were produced completely by our artificial intelligence — none of these people are real! Click To Tweet


ai white man

ai flawed white man

ai black woman smiling

ai blonde woman head

ai white man large forehead

ai flawed white woman

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One thought on “Human Faces Generated by AI

  1. Wow, this opens up all kinds of questions and possibilities. Now that I know they’re CG, I can see it on some but not all of these faces, but if I didn’t know? Not sure.


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