Bigstock ‘pay as you’ go with higher commissions

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I was just about to go to bed when I got a promotional email from Bigstock. They are launching new ‘pay as you go’ purchasing, which means buyers can buy individual images instead of credit packages. The prices are higher and so are our commissions, 30% for images purchased via pay as you go. How much we earn for each type of purchase is listed below.

Check out the video about the new way to buy images on Bigstock and look out for the cow which didn’t make it over the gate, which certainly got my attention. Here’s a link to the image if you can’t play the video. Link 🙂

Right. Time for bed!

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4 thoughts on “Bigstock ‘pay as you’ go with higher commissions

  1. Seems to be an nice initiative, now we need to see materialize it with more traffic and sales, BigStock is performing less and less everyday, at least for me, to the point I was thinking stop submitting all together. I hope this effort will change that.

    1. Yes it’s a good initiative. My sales are steady on Bigstock, but it’s still a low earner. In September it will be 2 years since Shutterstock acquired Bigstock and at the time contributors were hopeful of vastly increased sales, which for the most part hasn’t happened yet. It’s a very competitive market though and what we really need is for new agencies to stop popping up and diluting our sales. I guess the huge increase in contributors also doesn’t help. Anyway, lets hope Bigstock can attract some more buyers with this initiative. I like the idea of of receiving $2.70 for large and $3.90 for extra large size downloads.

  2. Certainly good news. This should draw in a whole group of new buyers just requiring a particular image who wouldn’t buy a credit package for lots of images. Good commission rate too.
    I have seen an increase in sales at Bigstock over the last few months and this can only help.
    Regards, David.
    BTW Thanks for the link to the dairy cow image -I missed that in the video!

    1. Yeah at 43 seconds they flash through lots of images quite quickly. When I saw the pic. of the cow, it was one of those ‘are my eyes deceiving me’ moments and I went back to find it. Then I tried searching for it on Bigstock, but couldn’t find it initially as I was using the keywords “cow stuck fence”, I found it later with the words “cow stuck gate”. Poor cow! I bet she’s never been able to look the rest of the herd in the eyes again lol!

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