Why won’t Shutterstock Change the Background Image on the Sign In Page?

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I was going to write about Shutterstock banning unnatural photos of apes and monkeys for which there is a good discussion here, instead this post is about a pet hate of mine which probably doesn’t warrant a blog post, but I am just so bored of seeing the same background image on Shutterstock’s Contributor sign in page. It must be at least 2 years since they put this image there and I think they should change it from time to time.

Below is the image in question by a fine photographer with the username YuG.

shutterstock background grapefruit image

Sometimes if I’m on the sign in page for too long because of the captcha, I start to feel hatred towards grapefruit, which really isn’t good.

So why doesn’t Shutterstock change this image? I mean it’s not like they don’t have enough images to choose from, to freshen things up occasionally. Please take part in the poll below so that we can get a consensus.

Update: Well it seems that there is a spanner in the works, as the poll doesn’t work. However comments are welcome. 🙂

Why doesn't Shutterstock change the background image on the Sign In page?

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