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This is How Using Free Image Sites could Land you in Trouble

This is an interesting video by photographer Zack Arias, he explains the risks of downloading images from sites with free images. Zack takes the site Unsplash as an example. The main point he makes is that there are lots of images of people which he believes...

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Are Sites which Steal or Resell Microstock Images Helping to Diminish your Earnings?

There seems to be more and more ways to download microstock images without ever visiting a microstock site. I’m not mentioning the names or linking sites of the alternative sources for obvious reasons. One site until recently was able to offer the enti...

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5 Reasons Why You are not Fulfilling your Potential in Microstock

  1. Failure to Make a Routine Everyone loves the idea of working freelance, but if you don’t...

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Featured Artists (Archive – Part 5)

Scott Griessel – USA – October/November 2012 (Scott Griessel) Boris Jaroscak – Sl...

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Photographers plan to remove images from iStockphoto

On February 2, 2013 a protest will be held by many iStockphoto contributors. The day has been coine...

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Models, is it time to take off your glasses?

One of the most well known microstock photographers Yuri Arcurs, informed the microstock community ...

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