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Some interesting blogs recently. Motivational but also a reality check. Starting with a must read blog by Bob Davies, creator of the microstock toolbar picNiche and file distribution service picWorkflow. The last blog on the list is not microstock, but still highly relevant to any photographer. Enjoy!


Excerpt: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. You need to put passion into every image, it will shine through to buyers when they browse that layout of 40-80 competing image thumbnails in any search results page.


Excerpt: Another thing is that I (and other successful stock photographers) put a lot of time, thought and money into my images. I started to see my success grow when I started treating this like a business.


Excerpt: Three-four years ago you only had to upload something decent and the cash slapped you on the face the next day… pretty much. Today… Today is not yesterday.


Excerpt: Get it right in the camera, don’t say I’ll fix that later. Photoshop is not an emergency room for grievously wounded pictures.

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