Microstock Posts – The start

I started this blog in 2008. Just!

After being hesitant of the microstock market, I tested the waters this year. The results have been fairly positive, but the learning curve is very sharp. It seems clear to me that this is an industry which can make stars, or just help people to upgrade their equipment. I’m sure it’s also made a lot of people wonder, why they ever bothered in the first place. I currently don’t know which one of these categories I’ll end up in. However, so long as I am physically able to, I will keep taking photos.

I find myself taking part in Microstock site forums on a fairly regular basis and find this a great way to pick up useful information from other contributors. I want to share some of the things I have learnt and am still learning, as well as express my opinions of the industry and it’s agencies. I hope that you will add your own comments, queries, tricks of the trade, success stories and even your Microstock gripes and grumbles.

Well this is the start, hopefully not the start of a damp squib, but only time will tell I guess. So thanks 08, nice to have met you, but got to move on to pastures new, with 09.

Hope you all have an even more successful year than the last.


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