I reached 50 recently :[

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No, not my age, but my uploads on Dreamstime :] Although 50 years of age is not that far away too, if I think about it. Ok 50 uploads, big deal! Before you say it, why am I writing a post to say I have 50 uploads on a website that has millions. Well hopefully one day I will have hundreds and maybe even thousands of uploads. However, my 50th birthday might come sooner though.

Bit of a struggle to get 50 uploads on Dreamstime to be frank,  much higher acceptance ratios on the other sites, that i’m currently devoting time to. However, RPD (Revenue per download) is quite high on Dreamstime, so they must be doing something right. Plus they often give you a second chance to correct a rejected image, if you go and make adjustments on photoshop, for lighting, contrast, overfiltered etc. rejection reasons. The second review of the image will be much faster and more often or not is accepted. However if you get the rejection reason “we have reviewed your file and this is not what we’re looking for”, then I wouldn’t bother resending, as it seems like a polite way of saying that your photo stinks and stop wasting their time. Of course I never get rejections like this 😉

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