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I came across an amusing site the other day called Sharenator Web Empires. This site gives various visual representations of the citizens of your web Empire, i.e. the readers. According to this site’s stats, if my site was a country, in terms of population it would fall in between Montserrat and the Vatican City. The figure is based on daily visitors, um it sounds a bit excessive to me but I’ll go with it, if it makes my blog seem more popular. Below is a snapshot of my readers. It’s good to know that my readers share um, such an interesting hobby. Check out the readers of Microstock Diaries also (further below), who seem to know how to have much more fun.

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4 thoughts on “Who reads Microstock Posts?

  1. Ha ha! Very funny.

    I hope people realize that taking your clothes off to read my blog is entirely optional. 😉

    Thanks for the inclusion.

    1. haha you are a warrior Luis. Maybe it’s time to change your profile pic. to something more aggressive 🙂

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