Is Shutterstock Opening the Floodgates to New Contributors?

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Well I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Shutterstock which is a microstock site known for its high standards in accepting contributors, announced yesterday that they have abandoned their age old policy of 7 out of 10 images needed to pass the initial review for new contributors. The new policy is that only 1 image out of 10 needs to pass in order for you to be accepted as a Shutterstock contributor. ONE! I actually checked my calendar thinking that I must have woken up from a coma and that today is actually April 1. To my astonishment it wasn’t.

In their own words. “As the next step in improving the contributor experience we have decided to simplify the sign-up and onboarding process by changing the requirement from 7 to 1 out of 10 images accepted for initial submission. We found that the “7 out of 10″ rule is no longer an effective standard to evaluate if a contributor can be successful in our marketplace. We know that we can better educate and support our contributors once they are active on our platform and have access to our many resources and support tools.”

So why did they do it really? Please vote in the poll below so that we can see what the consensus is. 

Why did Shutterstock change its initial review policy?

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