Zoonar and Polylooks Upload Bonus Offer

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Update June 5: Offer extended with an additional 100,000 image uploads. Availability at the time of posting this update is 168,896. (Offer Expired July 19)

The stock agency Zoonar announced earlier this month that they will pay contributors 0.15€ (20 Cents) per image for the first 200,000 images accepted by one of their partners Polylooks, after first being uploaded to Zoonar. If these images are sold through Polylooks, contributors still receive the full Polylooks commission of 35%, which is added to their Zoonar account.

Zoonar’s own commission rate is 50%. They allow contributors to set images at microstock, mid-stock or macrostock prices, as well as royalty free or rights managed licenses. This kind of flexibility allows me to upload all my images to them and not just my microstock images. They have such an easy upload system in comparison to a lot of other sites, which seemingly care little for the time and effort required by their contributors to get images online. It’s not necessary to upload model release forms, just state whether you have one or not and agree to send them if you are ever requested to do so. Time is also saved by not having to sift through and allocate categories for every image as there are none, although lightboxes that photographers create are added to themes by Zoonar. Images go into the review queue straight after being uploaded, so even if you haven’t added the image title, description and keywords, the images are reviewed and not sent to a ‘pending edit’ section. You have 30 days to complete the details once your images are accepted and online. The review times are also very fast, often less than 24, for both Zoonar and Polylooks.

The Good

  • 0.15€ (20 Cents) upload bonus per image (limited to first 200,000 images accepted by Polylooks)
  • Very simple uploading procedure
  • Flexible price structure
  • Fast image reviews
  • Editorial images accepted on Zoonar

The Not So Good

  • No ftp uploading (Update June 5, ftp now available)
  • Minimum image size is 3000×2000 pixels (Photographers with 6 megapixel cameras can not send cropped images)

At the time of posting this blog there are still 150,000 images left to be given the upload bonus, which should take a few more weeks to complete, so register now and cash in. Images that you request for approval by Polylooks must be set as royalty free license.

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