Statistics that Show a Sharp Decline in Uploads by Established Microstock Contributors

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Stock Performer has released statistics from their site, which could be a good indication that many established contributors are slowing down their microstock production. With permission from Stock Performer I have republished some excerpts of their blog post below.

One of the best indicators of contributors’ health is how much they upload. If they are optimistic, they will put the time and money into producing new content. If they are pessimistic they will wind down their production and upload less.

We decided to look at whether our customers (only those opted-in to our ranking program) are uploading more now than they did a year ago. We aggregated all uploads in January 2020 and compared the sum with all uploads from the same contributors in January 2019.

The following chart visualizes the results:

microstock uploads uploading agencies shutterstock adobe istock 123rf


Is this an indicator that the energy is subsiding and some contributors are slowing down production to better face the reduction in revenue? Can we argue contributors are pessimistic about the near future?

The chart above shows a huge decrease in uploads across the board except for 123rf, which increased its uploads by just 1% from the previous year. It seems also that contributors have completely lost faith in Bigstock and Canstock, as their uploads have fallen off a cliff. Stock Performer say they will release more statistics at the end of the 1st quarter, so that we can see if this downward trend continues, levels off or if this was just a highly unusual blip. I’m looking forward to the results. So is it business as usual for you?

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