Shutterstock’s Travel Photo Safari Contest

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Shutterstock Safari Contest

Recently Shutterstock announced a photo safari contest. To enter the competition, all you have to do is send “what you believe to be is your best travel-related photo”. Anyone can enter whether you are a Shutterstock member or not, well anyone from the US that is, which excludes me from the competition 🙁 . The prize is great though, for those who are eligible 🙁 , a six night safari in South Africa.

I’ve always wanted to go to Africa as my parents lived and travelled in the continent for several years, including South Africa. As a child I spent many hours being forced to watch cine films of their travels in Africa, without any sound. Luckily my Mum was always on hand to give a running commentary 😐 . Anyway, this is your chance to see and hear what I can only imagine 🙁 to be an excellent trip. As well as the safari and the accommodation, the prize winner will also receive $2000. I’ve always wanted to win $2000 🙁 .

So for any American readers out there with some worthy travel shots, a sense of adventure, some time on their hands and a passport, send what you consider to be your best travel photo to shutterstock before the deadline of May 12, 2010. And I hope the lucky winner has a good time 😥 . UPDATE: The winner has been announced.

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