Pre-Launch Review of Stock Performer Analytics

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Recently I was invited by ‘Stock Performer‘ to open an account before they officially launch at the Microstock Expo this Saturday. So here is a short review of what they offer.

This microstock analytics site gives a great overview of your important stats all in one place. Currently 4 microstock sites are included, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto and Fotolia. If you love to press the F5 button on the stat pages on these sites to see what has been sold, then Stock Performer may be something you would like. You can see all your recent downloads with thumbnail images of the images sold, you can also see in a graph the total amount of images you have online with these agencies, the amount of downloads you have and also your earnings, from the time you started microstock until the current day.

There is also a Top Sales section. Below is an example showing the first few Top Sales for my own images on Dreamstime for February and March.

By clicking on one of the images there is further analyses, as shown below.

You also have the ability to see analytics for any collection or lightbox that you have on any of these sites (data read is only for your images). Stock Performer does not require your passwords, it automatically retrieves your sales data when you log in to your agencies and updates every hour, or you can update the stats whenever you like.

Stock Performer will initially have a controlled launch and users will receive a free 14 day trial (actual prices not announced yet). If you would like to be included you can send an email to this address [email protected] However, as it is a controlled launch, initially they are not accepting everyone, but if you are reading this before their launch on November 5, then you’ve certainly got a better chance of being the first few to use Stock Performer. I’ve only had a short time to play around with this and my initial impression is that it is pretty useful, as well as seeing the basic stats that we all need, it is also a way of being able analyse image performance across the sites. I like the interface and ease of use, everything seems to be logically placed and its simplicity is very appealing.

All in all though, it’s a great tool and I would recommend trying to secure your spot for the first few accounts, so you can try it out. Here’s the email again [email protected]

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