Poetry for the Struggling Microstocker

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Struggling Microstocker

Oh why did you reject my photos again?

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I gave you my best but you said it was lame

I stayed up all night but my work was in vain

I’m human you know, I can’t take so much pain!

Oh why did you reject my photos again?

My photos are great, you’re completely insane

You send your instructions and show that you reign

Just fix the following…

Over/Under exposure

Over or under saturated colors

This file contains artifacting when viewed at full size

Problems with contrast

Some of the keywords used for this file do not appear to be fully relevant to the subject.

Noise or Pixelation

Image is too dark or too light

Quality of routing

Purple fringe, blown highlights

Visible branding/logo

Non-interesting subject matter

Over-sharpening or post processing techniques

Please provide a set of simple, descriptive, focused keywords for this image before resubmitting.

Framing problem

Interpolation problem

Please view image at 100% prior to submission

…and send them again. 😯

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