Judge Dismisses Google’s 1st Amendment Defense in Dreamstime’s Contract Breach Case

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The feud between Dreeamstime and Gooogle continues..

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April 1, 2018: Dreamstime Files Lawsuit Against Google Claiming the Search Giant Threatens its Survival

January 30, 2019: Dreamstime’s Antitrust Claim against Google Dismissed

On Wednesday a judge rejected Google’s argument that the First Amendment shielded it from Dreamstime’s complaint over alleged unfair search results rankings.

However, according to this blog post by Eric Goldman the final outcome is not going to be good for Dreamstime. Eric says..

Google surely didn’t promise to index or prominently rank Dreamstime, so what promise can Dreamstime enforce that will give it any remedy over being downranked/deindexed? Judge Alsup lets Dreamstime indulge in discovery, but I think we’d all be shocked if Dreamstime found a dispositive smoking gun.

The case however, goes on.

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    The Justice Dept is exploring anti-trust actions against Google. It can’t happen too soon. They’re out of control. Thanks for another informative post, Komar.

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