Featured Artists (Archive – Part 3)

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Tony Magdaraog – Philippines – Sep/Oct 2011 (Tony Magdaraog)


Michael Schmeling – Germany – October 2011 (Michael Schmeling)

Melissa Patton – USA – November 2011 (Melissa Patton)

Aleksandar Stojanov – Macedonia – Nov/Dec 2011 (alexskopje)

Laser222 – Bosnia and Herzegovina – December 2011 (Laser222)

Faithie Photography – Italy – January 2012 (Faithiecannoise)

Vit Kovalcik – Czech Republic – Jan/Feb 2012 (Vit Kovalcik)

David Fowler (Newsfocus1) – UK – Feb/March 2012 (Newsfocus1)

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