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Canstockphoto reached 3 million photos and videos this month. If I remember correctly when I joined them at the end of 2008, they had yet to reach 1 million, so it seems they are growing fast. I’ve also noticed them advertising, indicating super fast review times and even giving the current expected review time. I’m not sure if it’s really live or if the advert is on a loop, showing different times. UpdateI’ve just been informed by CSP that the ads. “are indeed showing the live review times updated every 15 minutes”. I sent them a photo the other day just to see how fast they were reviewing and my photo was reviewed in less than 20 minutes. Take heed other stock agencies, less than 20 minutes! Bravo CSP. Here is the photo I sent, my lovely feline friend.

This is an announcement made by Duncan the CEO of Canstock in their forum.

  • Just thought I’d draw attention to the fact that we just crossed the 3 million mark! Also you’ll notice that this month we have added almost a quarter million new files, with a thousand new files being uploaded every couple of hours. We’re growing more and more every day. Thanks to all of you for helping make this growth possible. We’re all really excited to reach our next milestone of 4 million files hopefully in just a few short months. Also I’d like to give a special thanks to our hard working inspectors for keeping the images moving so quickly. For the past month I know many people have been appreciating the sub-hour inspections. At the time of writing this, our current average review time is just 9 minutes – outstanding!

“a quarter million new files” in one month!

How things have changed. Below is a canstockphoto ad. from different times. 🙂

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