16 Featured Artists

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A year ago, I started featuring artists/photographers on the homepage of this blog. It’s been great to see so many outstanding portfolios, and I often find it pretty tricky to choose just one image from contributors ports for the homepage. Here are some stats of those featured so far.

16 featured artists
11 countries (Croatia, France, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA)
5 agencies represented (Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123rf, GL, iStock)
13 photographers
1 vector artist
1 photographer/vector artist
1 illustrator

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I put a new featured artist on the site approximately every 3 weeks. The queue at the moment is not very big, so as long as you have a port size of at least 150 images in one of the listed agencies, then you have a good chance (but not guaranteed) to be featured. For details on how to become a Featured Artist read this post. To see those who have already been featured, including the first featured artist whose image is above, visit these archive pages. Archive Page 1, Archive Page 2, Archive Page 3.

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8 thoughts on “16 Featured Artists”

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      Glad you like it Leslie.

      Check out Leslie’s hilarious cartoon illustrations by clicking on her name in her comment. Really wonderful stuff, so click click 🙂

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    It’s nice thing you are doing by giving a chance to contributors with smaller, but nice ports to get some extra exposure. Keep it up 🙂

    1. avatar

      It’s a nice thing for me to see their ports too. I know there are also buyers reading this blog, so lets hope that those featured get some more sales from the exposure too.

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    Hi, it does look a nice blog feature and I would love to be featured one of these days, I have tried the “contact form” but it ain´t working. Please let me know what to do, have a great day!

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