Would you Offer Your Work Free to Large Publications such as Time Magazine? (Poll)

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Time magazine recently asked professional photojournalist Raul Roa for the use of his content (footage) and to use it without any payment for him. The Time magazine employee responded to Raul’s request for payment by saying “I’m very sorry but TIME does not pay for ugc. I am sorry. Wish I could!” (“ugc” is the abbreviation for user generated content.)

There has been controversy surrounding Time’s content before. A number of years ago Time purchased a microstock image for its cover, although the photographer was happy he was criticised for being proud of the achievement because the royalty for the photographer was so little. Furthermore, apparently according to the particular license Time purchased, they were supposed to give credit to the photographer and the agency for the photo which they did not do.

If you are a professional content producer please take part in the poll below, what would you do if a large publication approached you with a request to use your work for free?


Would you offer your work free to large publications such as Time?

I would allow free use of my work for large publications as long as I’m credited.
I only offer my work for payment, including from large publications.


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