They said, “turn photos sitting on your hard drive into cash!”

Having teething problems, but staying resilient none the less. I’m new to all this and a little surprised, at how difficult it is to get images accepted on these sites. Wasn’t the Microstock industry a way of turning photos, sitting on your hard drive into cash? It’s not as easy as they make it sound. I think times have changed, the numbers of online photos have increased dramatically and standards are increasing too.

I do quite well for acceptances on 123rf, and BigStockPhoto. My acceptance ratio on Dreamstime is very low, but I like the site a lot, so not discouraged. Istockphoto accepted my 3 photos in the application process, photos which I subsequently have to resend. Your 3 photos have been reviewed and have met our criteria, please send them again to be reviewed. Don’t quite get that one. Anyway, I’m not going to argue, I’m not the one who is making millions. Haven’t sent them back yet, will update this blog as soon as I do (Update: On resending the three photos, two were rejected). Shutterstock and Stockxpert don’t want to know me, I don’t hold that against them. Maybe, I should take them out for dinner one day and they might get to like me 😀

My relatively inept photoshop skills and incredibly slow internet speed (I live in Indonesia), prevent me from doing things a bit faster. Plus, I think I either need to upgrade my equipment or start shooting in raw, to keep up with the ever increasing standards by the agencies. Anyway nuff of the excuses already.

Despite the slow progress and alienation I receive by some of the big players, I am enjoying it. I’ll let you know if I’m not.

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  • na
    January 19, 2009

    iStocks initial review is to see do you have potential, it is possible to get in if you have potential even if the images wouldn't pass normal inspection ...

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