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Dreamstime Files Lawsuit Against Google Claiming the Search Giant Threatens its Survival

This week the microstock site Dreamstime filed a Lawsuit against Google for its alleged “anticompetitive, discriminatory, and unfair conduct, as well as its related, on-going breaches of its contracts with Dreamstime.” Full details of the lawsuit ...

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Why won’t Shutterstock Change the Background Image on the Sign In Page?

I was going to write about Shutterstock banning unnatural photos of apes and monkeys for which there is a good discussion here, instead this post is about a pet hate of mine which probably doesn’t warrant a blog post, but I am just so bored of seeing th...

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Are Sites which Steal or Resell Microstock Images Helping to Diminish your Earnings?

There seems to be more and more ways to download microstock images without ever visiting a microsto...

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What can You Expect to Earn Per Download in Microstock?

Microstock is a numbers game. Put it simply, in general if you want to earn a vast amount you need ...

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Things That Amuse Me When Buyers Download

I must say that I still enjoy seeing my work downloaded and I check what has been downloaded almost...

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Is Shutterstock Opening the Floodgates to New Contributors?

Well I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Shutterstock which is a microstock site known for ...

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