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20 Motivational Tips for iStock Contributors

iStock has announced it is increasing the download targets set for exclusive contributors by 10%, this will come into effect on January 1, 2018. Therefore to reach the top tier royalty rate of 45% for photos, a contributor will have to receive a total of 330,...

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Are Sites which Steal or Resell Microstock Images Helping to Diminish your Earnings?

There seems to be more and more ways to download microstock images without ever visiting a microstock site. I’m not mentioning the names or linking sites of the alternative sources for obvious reasons. One site until recently was able to offer the enti...

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What can You Expect to Earn Per Download in Microstock?

Microstock is a numbers game. Put it simply, in general if you want to earn a vast amount you need ...

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Things That Amuse Me When Buyers Download

I must say that I still enjoy seeing my work downloaded and I check what has been downloaded almost...

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Don’t believe everything said about Microstock

I often see articles written about microstock by people who clearly have no clue about the industry...

Pre-Launch Review of Stock Performer Analytics

Recently I was invited by ‘Stock Performer‘ to open an account before they officially l...

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