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Things That Amuse Me When Buyers Download

I must say that I still enjoy seeing my work downloaded and I check what has been downloaded almost everyday. I’m a hobbyist photographer with a small port, but a portfolio which has been online for several years. There are numerous observations a micro...

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Is Shutterstock Opening the Floodgates to New Contributors?

Well I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Shutterstock which is a microstock site known for its high standards in accepting contributors, announced yesterday that they have abandoned their age old policy of 7 out of 10 images needed to pass the ...

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What Microstock Reviewers are Looking For

Although many microstock sites share much of the same images, each site has varying collections to...

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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Stock Image Reviewer

They live somewhere where it always snows, they hardly get out and you may never actually see one, ...

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Don’t believe everything said about Microstock

I often see articles written about microstock by people who clearly have no clue about the industry...

Microstock agencies are like girlfriends

I thought I’d share this funny thread on msg with you. (With permission from the authors, th...

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