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This is How Using Free Image Sites could Land you in Trouble

This is an interesting video by photographer Zack Arias, he explains the risks of downloading images from sites with free images. Zack takes the site Unsplash as an example. The main point he makes is that there are lots of images of people which he believes...

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Monkey’s Selfie Lands Photographer in a Lawsuit

Yesterday the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a bizarre lawsuit in court on behalf of a macaque monkey who snapped selfie photographs, arguing the monkey owns the copyright and not the photographer involved. “Ou...

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What Microstock Reviewers are Looking For

Although many microstock sites share much of the same images, each site has varying collections to...

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An Image that Changed Everything

Magnum photos is currently featuring a fascinating collection called An Image that Changed Everythin...

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4 Questions Amateur Photographers Need to Stop Asking – And What They SHOULD Ask Instead

Photo by Jenna Martin “Love your photos! What kind of camera do you have?” “… …” Look, I...

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Is it too late to be successful at microstock?

A lot of people enter microstock believing it will be a breeze, many microstock sites make joining ...

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