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Pond5 Asks Contributors to Lower their Prices, See how Contributors React

If you have content on Pond5 that is priced lower on competitor sites, please adjust your pricing to be no higher than the competitor price. Giving Artists the ability to set their own prices is one of our most important founding principles, but we also have ...

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123rf Shock Contributors by Dropping Royalties on the Sly

This one really takes the biscuit! Incredibly 123rf just got rid of 2 payment levels. Kaboom! They’re gone. So if you were in these payment levels you have now been moved to a lower level with lower royalties. If that sounds good then keep uploading, wh...

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iStock Contributors Furious Over New Royalty of 2 Cents

iStock are yet again making royalty changes for their contributors which many of their contributor...

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Dreamstime’s Identity Crisis

Dreamstime recently made the unusual move of showing publicly some of its users confidential inform...

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Getty/iStock Tightens the Noose on Artists Work

The text below was sent today by Getty Images to iStock contributors. The email outlines plans to ...

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How to Deal with Agencies which Refuse to Pay

I have submitted images to microstock agencies since 2007, on more than a few occasions I’ve...

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