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Would you Offer Your Work Free to Large Publications such as Time Magazine? (Poll)

Microstock Posts will continue to purchase all images for this blog til the end of time 🙂 Time magazine recently asked professional photojournalist Raul Roa for the use of his content (footage) and to use it without any payment for him. The Time magazine em...

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Are Sites which Steal or Resell Microstock Images Helping to Diminish your Earnings?

There seems to be more and more ways to download microstock images without ever visiting a microstock site. I’m not mentioning the names or linking sites of the alternative sources for obvious reasons. One site until recently was able to offer the enti...

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Monkey’s Selfie Lands Photographer in a Lawsuit

Yesterday the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a bizarre lawsu...

Stock agencies form

In a rare example of competing stock agencies working together, several agencies including Shutters...

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