Seasonal Trends

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Microstock photographers face a slowdown in sales during the Northern hemisphere’s summertime, or so I hear. I’m assuming the drop is due to a decrease in search and download time and an increase in beach and feet up time. For me, I seemed to have had a drop in the last quarter of last year, however I’ve not been doing this long enough to be able to report on any trends.

For those of you who have been, I’m curious to know about monthly trends. Which months are good for you, which months are not? With the knowledge that there could be less eyes in front of screens during summer, do you upload less and wait for September before unleashing your work to newly invigorated buyers? Do any of you see a drop in sales towards the end of the year, maybe due to dwindling yearly budgets? I’d be interested to hear of your observations on seasonal trends.

I’ve made three simple polls, the first two you can give more than one answer. Thanks for answering and I look forward to seeing the results.

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