Microstock agencies are like girlfriends

I thought I’d share this funny thread on msg with you. (With permission from the authors, the first two comments are posted here)

Microstock agencies are like girlfriends.
In the beginning it is grand,
show me your pixels, love your pixels,
I need your pixels,
I want your pixels, more, please more.
All is happy, all she talks about is your pixels.
You think everything is great and move-in with her.
It is so swell she is happy with your pixels,
she tells you your pixels make her feel good.
One night, you say, “let me show some new pixels.”
Suddenly, out of the blue
honey not tonight, “I have a headache!”
Your first rejection!
The next night, “honey not tonight, I have already seen your pix!”
Your rejection rate increases!
You realize your girlfriend is becoming old and tired.
She tells you, “I don’t want to see your pix, I already had your pix.
Total rejection, you lose all interest and quit submitting.
The final rejection, she says, It is just a “snapshot” and the final insult,
The new Photographer is a stud and his pixels are bigger.

©2011 C Buegeler

msg member jsnover responds to the above:

Or, they’re like boyfriends – full of flattery and wonderful promises, but once they’ve got what they want – your images – everything’s different.

They don’t reply to your customer support tickets, payments are late, promises for more promotion for your images just never materialize – but it’ll be happening “soon”, they’re seeing not one, but thousands of others…

In the end, there you are, alone on a Saturday night with just your hard drive full of wonderful images, crying into a large tub of ice cream which you’re eating furiously.

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  • Luis Santos
    June 24, 2011 Reply

    ROTF! great :)

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