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Elderly Woman Voting

© Photographer: Komar | Agency:

Another editorial post, but the last one for  a while. There has been a lot happening here recently and I’ve enjoyed getting out on the streets and taking spontaneous shots, and not having to worry about model releases.

I’m sure a lot of photographers have goals they wish to achieve. I have wanted to get photos in the News section on Dreamstime for a while. This section is a great resource for anyone looking for editorial pictures of major world events. I have previously been disappointed that images I’ve sent have not made the News section, only consoling myself with the fact that Dreamstime seems to be quite selective, with the events and images they choose for this section. Well the event I covered was a major one, only the second direct election in Indonesia’s history. So I just had to make sure I got the shots right.

Voting started at 7am and continued till Midday.The early bird catches the worm‘, so I arrived at the polling stations at around 9am and missed out on all the savoury bird food. I was surprised to see voters dressed up in traditional or at least partially traditional outfits. Can you remember the last time you got dressed up to go and vote? Another thing that struck me was how patient people were in waiting for their turn. The electoral process is not exactly efficient, with dozens of parties to choose from and this being national and local elections, each voter has to make ticks on 4 huge ballot papers. Often voters were in voting booths for up to half an hour. Despite the long process the turn out was quite high, it seemed that people realised the importance of taking part. Just over a decade ago people would have been too fearful to voice a political opinion, other than a pro government opinion. The transgression to a genuine democracy after centuries of colonial rule and more recently a brutal dictator, is quite an achievement.

Waiting to vote

© Photographer: Komar | Agency:

Altogether I had 8 images accepted of the election with 4 making it to the News section. Dreamstime gives a $5 bonus for every photo which makes it to the News section, which is obviously nice. However, despite the photos receiving far more views than non editorial images, at least in the first few days online, they have until now had no downloads. Within about a 3 week period I have had 21 editorial images online at Dreamstime alone and not a single sale. I also sent images to Bigstock and Cutcaster and nothing there too. Am I right in saying that buyers don’t look at microstock sites for editorial images, and if they don’t where do they go? Do they commission their own photographers, do they buy from stock agencies like Getty or Corbis at higher prices? Why are they not using microstock sites much? I realise that commercial images probably have a wider market, but there are still plenty of businesses worldwide that use editorial images. I have sold editorial images on microstock, but very few. I’m interested to know your opinions and maybe you know of other sites to upload editorial photos to.

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