Have you backed up your photos lately?

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Ok, now that the party is over, the headache has gone and the room has stopped spinning, it’s time to get back to work, Yuk! I mean Yay! If you’re like me and never enforce a New Year’s resolution for longer than the time it takes to think of one, then it’s better to choose a really easy one, like backing up your images. I have my stuff stored on a very dodgy laptop and hopefully a not so dodgy external hard drive, but I also have photos stored online for free.

Some stock agencies allow their submitters to download their own images at full resolution, which is great in case all else fails. 123rf is a microstock agency which has this facility. I’ve sometimes seen comments in the site’s forum from submitters who are alarmed at seeing their images priced as ‘Free’, however it is only free for them, everyone else sees the image price. It’s great that 123rf has this, but not all our images are accepted by the reviewers. One place that rejects nothing is Most Photos. They are not a microstock site as all images are set at a flat rate of 25 Euros, of which your commission is 50%. They also accept editorial images. Most Photos allow their contributors to download their own images individually, or all at once as a zip file. This is also a good site for showing people your entire portfolio, including those darn fine images that have been rejected elsewhere ;-). I wouldn’t hold much hope for selling there though, as it is a slow site for sales, but you never know your luck. UPDATE: I also use the file distribution service picWorkflow. I upload all my images to this company and they store and can distribute the files I choose to the agencies that I choose. So I only have to upload files one time and they are ready for distribution.

If you’ve ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realise that your data has been lost, then you know that backing up your images is something you should not put off. Mmm I’m starting to sound like my boss! Ok back to work everyone!

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