Find the Dorians to get a 25% discount and free images for friends

Dreamstime is having a bit of fun today and tomorrow, April Fool’s day. Search the site for Dorians (court Jesters) which are placed on the site. If you find enough of them you will receive 25% off any purchase on April 1st, and anyone you invite to sign up will receive 3 credits which they can then use for downloading images.

“Beware, the road is full of dangers but kingly discounts, knightly free credits and a golden crown await along the way. Get ready to CLICK on Dorians! Find and click on FIVE Dorians and you get the king’s treasure chest: 25% OFF on any purchase made on APRIL 1st. With FIVE jesters, you can also have a mighty feast and invite friends to the Dreamstime castle: they all get 3 FREE credits at sign up.”

I’ve got to admit that this is a rather good idea. It’s Saturday night, I’m a fully grown man and I’m about to go back to scouring Dreamstime’s site in an attempt to locate the next Dorian. Where are these things, it’s driving me crazy. I’ve found 4 so far but there are 14 altogether. Any help would be appreciated 😉

Below are the clues for the Dorians which can be found in the ‘Photo Map’ section, I haven’t found any there yet. Help!

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