Featured Artists (Archive – Part 5)

Cowboys with guns concept

Scott Griessel – USA – October/November 2012 (Scott Griessel)

Boris Jaroscak – Slovakia – December/January 2012/2013 (Jareso)

Sergey Nivens – Russia – January/February 2013 (Sergey Nivens)

Florence McGinn – USA – February/March 2013 (Florence McGinn)

Vladimir Serov – Russian Federation – March/April 2013 (Vladimir Serov)

Elena Elisseeva – Canada – May/June 2013 (Elenathewise)

Eugenio Marongiu – Italy – July 2013 (Eugenio Marongiu)

eZeePics Studio – Italy – Aug/Sep 2013 (eZeePics Studio)

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