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This is How Using Free Image Sites could Land you in Trouble

This is an interesting video by photographer Zack Arias, he explains the risks of downloading images from sites with free images. Zack takes the site Unsplash as an example. The main point he makes is that there are lots of images of people which he believes...

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An Image that Changed Everything

Magnum photos is currently featuring a fascinating collection called An Image that Changed Everything. The idea was to ask photographers to look back at their careers and identify a single image that represents a turning point in their lives as image makers. B...

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4 Questions Amateur Photographers Need to Stop Asking – And What They SHOULD Ask Instead

Photo by Jenna Martin “Love your photos! What kind of camera do you have?” “… …” Look, I...

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Featured Artists (Archive – Part 5)

Scott Griessel – USA – October/November 2012 (Scott Griessel) Boris Jaroscak – Sl...

Pirelli Calendar Goes a Different Way

This is a behind the scenes video of photographer Steve McCurry shooting for the 2013 Pirelli calen...

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Models, is it time to take off your glasses?

One of the most well known microstock photographers Yuri Arcurs, informed the microstock community ...

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