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Would you Offer Your Work Free to Large Publications such as Time Magazine? (Poll)

Microstock Posts will continue to purchase all images for this blog til the end of time 🙂 Time magazine recently asked professional photojournalist Raul Roa for the use of his content (footage) and to use it without any payment for him. The Time magazine em...

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Why won’t Shutterstock Change the Background Image on the Sign In Page?

I was going to write about Shutterstock banning unnatural photos of apes and monkeys for which there is a good discussion here, instead this post is about a pet hate of mine which probably doesn’t warrant a blog post, but I am just so bored of seeing th...

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5 Reasons Why You are not Fulfilling your Potential in Microstock

  1. Failure to Make a Routine Everyone loves the idea of working freelance, but if you don’t...

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7 Things Creative People do Differently

1. They can be inspired at any given moment, by anything. Everything can be an inspiration for thei...

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Monkey’s Selfie Lands Photographer in a Lawsuit

Yesterday the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a bizarre lawsu...

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Ever considered changing the way you work?

Are you happy with your work? Last year Gallup released a study which showed if employees are ̶...

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