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Pond5 Asks Contributors to Lower their Prices, See how Contributors React

If you have content on Pond5 that is priced lower on competitor sites, please adjust your pricing t...

Time to Sue Clock Lawsuit Legal Law Justice Court microstock

Dreamstime Files Lawsuit Against Google Claiming the Search Giant Threatens its Survival

This week the microstock site Dreamstime filed a Lawsuit against Google for its alleged “anti...

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This is How Using Free Image Sites could Land you in Trouble

This is an interesting video by photographer Zack Arias, he explains the risks of downloading imag...

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123rf Shock Contributors by Dropping Royalties on the Sly

This one really takes the biscuit! Incredibly 123rf just got rid of 2 payment levels. Kaboom! They&...

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Would you Offer Your Work Free to Large Publications such as Time Magazine? (Poll)

Microstock Posts will continue to purchase all images for this blog til the end of time 🙂 Time ma...

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Why won’t Shutterstock Change the Background Image on the Sign In Page?

I was going to write about Shutterstock banning unnatural photos of apes and monkeys for which ther...